Gizmos and Gimcracks

Here you will find useful items for dungeonmasters and players alike. There are new spells; new and variant monsters; items magical and mundane along with utilities for PCs and Palm OS based PDAs.

PC Based Tools

Utilities for DMs and Players alike that can be run on a Windows PC. They are written in Delphi6.
An NPC generator that provides some background for a DM to hang adventures from.
A tool to help calculate how long it takes to travel between places and what happens on the way.

Palm Based Tools

Utilities for DMs and Players alike that are designed to be run on Palm based PDAs. They have been written in Pocket C and tested on a Zire71.
Need an inn in a hurry. This is the tool for you.v2.0: Updated May 2007
A simple way to track combat and roll group checks.
Need to work out how difficult an encounter is? Then this will help.v2.0: Updated May 2007
Generates dungeon rooms, treasures and encounters.
Generates the people who live and work in your fantasy towns and villages.
Generates names and more!
Generates critical hit locations and descriptions.
Generates NPCs descriptions and histories.
Generates treasure hordes.New! May 2007

Items: Mundane and Magical

Some of the items I have created over the past decade and a half of playing and DMing.

New Spells

Every spellcaster wants more spells, so here is a selection.
Progress Quest
Some spells based on those named in the excellent Progress Quest game.

New Monsters

I DM for people who are also DMs, people who have read all the monster manuals, fiend folios and so know all the monsters and their characteristics off by heart. This is an attempt to keep them guessing.

The Brantub

All those things that don't fit into the other sections of the site. A hodge-podge of odds and ends. Plunge in and see what you find!

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