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Version 1.0
Initial Release March 2006
Version 2.3
Release February 2007
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I have tried several ways of keeping track of encounters when playing D&D.
Paper and Pencil
Too difficult to change when people want to hold thier turn, you have to manually sort the order and write out a new one each time
Peg Board
Too clumsy to carry around, there was only spaces for rolls from 0 to 30, and I had players with better (and worse) initiative rolls than that!
So I decided to write a combat tracker program. In it I incorporated a critical hit and miss roller (for those who like a little extra) as well as a group check (how many made their spot or listen check without the PCs hearing the tumble of dice). For those DMs with multiple gaming parties you can load and save sets of players. The application runs on Palm OS handhelds and has been tested on a Zire 71 and a Palm Vx.

Version 2.3 now includes at the request of one of my users:


Copy the four files inside the zip archive onto your Palm. izCombatTracker will be visible in the D&D Catagory. The other three files are libraries needed for izInnkeeper to run. If you already have these or newer versions on your Palm you do not need to install them.


Main Screen Clicking on the icon launches the application and presents you with this screen. The buttons along the bottom of the screen are:
Sorts all the entries in descending order by Total (Initiative modifier+Dice Roll).
Clears all the entries from the list (you are prompted to confirm this descion first).
Adds a new player - a dialog box is opened for you to fill in the details.
The currently selected character is displayed in a dialog for you to modify the details
The currently selected character is deleted, you are promted to confirm this first.
Next PC
Moves to the next PC. It increments the Rounds counter at the top of the screen. Click on the Rounds counter to reset it to 1.
If a PC wants to withold his turn click on this to move the selected player down
Moves a player up the list.
Exits the application, saving the current set which is then automatically loaded the next time you launch the application
There are also several menu options accessed by clicking on the menu bar or by clicking on the menu silk button.
Clear Set
The same as the clear button.
Load Set
Loads a set of characters that you saved earlier. You are presented with a list to pick from
Save Set
Saves a set of characters, you are prompted for a name. If the name already exists you will be asked if you want to overwrite the old set.
Reset Rounds
The same as clicking on the Rounds button, restes the round count to 1.
Roll All
Rolls initiative for all characters.
Group Check
Checks all characters in the set for a saving throw or skill check
Critical Hit
Rolls up a critical hit, for those DMs that like a bit of extra glory when a player makes thier critical hit
Critical Miss
The same as a critical hit but the players might not be so happy! Based on my critical miss table
Exits the application, saving the current set which is then automatically loaded the next time you launch the application
Credits and contact details.

Main Screen

Main Screen This is where you will spend most of your time when using the Combat Tracker. At the start of an encounter you ask the PCs for their initiative rolls and you enter them by clicking on the Roll (outline in red) column header. A small text entry box will pop up for you to enetr the dice roll. This will be added to the character's initiative bonus to generate the total initiative roll. Do the same for all the characters (not forgetting any monsters and NPCs!). Then press the Sort button (highlighted in green) and the characters will be sorted in initiative order (lower image). To change a player's hit points click on HP in the table header bar.
Main Screen Looks like Jodotha and Trimus have got lucky this time!

Add & Modify Characters

Add Character Before the session starts you will want to add in any new characters using this screen. I tend to enter an NPC and a monster 'placeholder' which I can use in each encounter, just modifying the initiative and saving throws each time. I have included in the screen most of the most useful stats and skills used in combat. Weight is entered in pounds and height in inches. If there are other items you would like to see in this screen, drop me a line.
Modify Character As characters go up in level and their skills and stats change you will need to modify them. The Modify screen is identical in layout to the Add screen except that the current details are entered for you to change. Pressing cancel will stop the values being saved back to the main screen.

Group Checks

Group Check There are several checks you can roll secretly for the whole group. Select the skill/save to check and the difficulty class then press the Roll button.
Group Check The list show the skill/save value, dice roll, the total and the result, Pass or Fail, tough luck on the NPC this time!

Critical Hits & Misses

Critical Hits To me the standard double or triple damage for critical hits is a bit dry and dull. I want a bit more flavour in my combat, so the critical hit generator was added to the Combat Tracker. Select the type of weapon (Piercing, Slashing or Bludgening) and then roll the bones! Sometime a critical hit will do no more than the standard 3e critical damage, sometimes it will. It's up to you the DM what you do with the result.
Critical Miss I don't know about you but I tend to roll more 1s than 20s so it was with deep reluctance that I introduced the critical miss generator. Again you select the type of weapon and roll the dice. I tend to say a critical miss has occured if a natural 1 is rolled and the second attack roll would miss or is also a natural 1. I have included spell failures as well in this table as well as a few extra critical fumbles.
Happy Gaming!


The code was written and designed using PocketC by Alan Jones. Bug reports and suggestions for future versions should be sent to me. Some data from Technomancer Press' Critonomicon, a great resource for DMs.

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