Version 1.0
Initial Release Feb 2007
Download izHitMe.


izHitMe is a simple Critical Hit generator for fantasy role playing games. It generates more specific damage than the standard method in the PHB as well as accounting for different sizes of weapon, attacker and foe. Obviously a giant with a huge two handed club attacking a goblin is more likely to do more damage than a goblin with a rusty dagger attacking a giant.


Copy the prc files inside the zip archive onto your Palm. HitMe will be visible in the D&D Category.


Loading Screen To run izHitMe click on the HitMe icon. A loading screen will be briefly displayed while the program is initialised, a progress bar will indicate how much longer you will have to wait (initialisation takes a few seconds on a Zire71).
Once the data is initialised a the main screen is displayed.

Main Screen

Main Screen - Unpopulated There are four drop down lists for you to configure the critical hit generator:
The list beside the sword icon gives the size of the attacker
The list beside the shield icon gives the size of the defender
The list beside the mace icon gives the size of the attacker's weapon
The list beside the skeleton icon allows you to chose the creature tyoe of the defender; Humanoid, Animal or Monster
Main Screen - Unpopulated Pressing the sword button at the foot of the screen generates a critical hit. The location is shown by the red splat and any extra details are given in the text window.


The code was written and designed using PocketC by Alan Jones. Bug reports and suggestions for future versions should be sent to me.

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