Version 1.0
Initial Release March 2006
Version 1.1
Added details of stables and the beasts within May 2007
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Inns are at the heart of many a Dungeons and Dragons game. They may be where the adventure starts or they may be where the players find that valuable clue to the wherabouts of the villain. They may be where they come to lick their wounds after an ignominous defeat or where they come to celebrate the slaying of a dragon. Whatever the reason, it can be difficult to come up with details of an inn on the fly. Not all inns are clean and tidy or hotbeds of filth and disease. Not all innkeepers are fat old adventurers. Not all serve stew and beans. With InnKeeper you can create inns of distinction.
This application, which runs on Palm PDAs generates the following information:


Copy the four files inside the zip archive onto your Palm. izInnkeeper will be visible in the D&D Catagory. The other three files are libraries needed for izInnkeeper to run. If you already have these or newer versions on your Palm you do not need to install them.


Food and Drink To run izInnkeeper click on the Innkeeper icon. A loading screen will be briefly displayed while the program is initialised, a progress bar will indicate how much longer you will have to wait (initialisation takes a few seconds on a Zire71).
Once the data is initialised a the main screen is displayed.

Main Screen

Main Screen - Unpopulated This is the main screen from which all the other screens can be accessed. The small round buttons by the Inn Name, Innkeeper and Rooms headings generate random values for those propertie. You can either let the program randomly select the Inn's size, quality and location; or select them from the drop down lists.
Clicking on the Generate Button populates all the inn's details, the reset button sets all the values back to the initial settings and the Exit button exits the program.
Main Screen - Populated Clicking on the title bar or on the menu silk-button brings up a menu where you can save the inn to a memo and see the version and contact details. The generated values can be edited if you don't like a particular name. Clicking on the Menu, Patrons or Info buttons take you to that particular screen.

Food & Drink

Food and Drink Here you will find what food and drink is available at the inn you have just generated. The Up and Down buttons allow you to scroll through the whole menu. The Rooms button takes you back to the main screen, the patrons and Info buttons to the patron and information screens. Changing the name of the Innkeeper or the Inn will automatically update the entries in the menu that relate to the Inn or Innkeeper.


Patrons Want to know who is in the taproom of your inn? Then this is the screen for you. Again the Up and Down buttons allow you to scroll up and down the whole list of Curious Customers. The Rooms button takes you back to the main screen, the Menu and Info buttons to the food & drink and information screens.

General Information

General Information Want to know what people think about your inn? Here are brief reviews of the food, lodging and services provided by the inn. In some case it warns visters of the perils of eating and sleeping there. Again the Up and Down buttons allow you to scroll up and down the whole list. The Rooms button takes you back to the main screen, the Menu and Patron buttons to the food & drink and patron screens. Changing the name of the inn or it's owner will update this data automatically.


The code was written and designed using PocketC by Alan Jones. Bug reports and suggestions for future versions should be sent to me.

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