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Version 1.0.0
Initial Release 3rd December 2006
Download iz Journey Planner.


The iz Journey Planner is designed to help the DM work out how long it will take a party to travell overland between two places.
It will generate the following features:



The zip file contains the executable file and several txt files that contain data for plannign routes. Extract these files from the zip file into a suitable location on your hard drive. Click on the izJourneyPlanner executable to start the program


Main Screen

This is the screen you will see when you first start the application. It is divided into three sections

Terrain Map
This is a list of the terrains and distances that the party will traverse.
The Journey
Here the events of the journey will be displayed
Transport Settings
Here you specify the cargo carried, the mode of transport and the number of vehicles/horses.
Routes and cargos can be saved and reloaded for later editing. The results of a journey can be copied to a clipboard and pasted into a word processer.

Planning a Journey

First of all you will want to work out how far and over what terrain you will be travelling. For example, you are decide to travel from Fort Fletcher to the village of Assusai in Glantri.

Example Route - Drawn with ProFantasy's CC2

Enter the name you want to call your journey in the Journey Name field. This will be used as the default file name when you come to save the route and cargo. The first part of the journey is through a hilly region so you select hill from the Terrain Type drop down list and enter 28 in the Distance field. You know that this route is fairly well travelled and has at least fair tracks so you select Road from the Road Quality radio buttons and as it is neither the wet or dry season you chose Normal from the other set of options. You can set these options differently for each block of terrain. It hasn't rained for a few days so you leave the Previous Wet Days value at zero, the press Add Terrain Block. Each of these options have an effect on the speed that the wagons will be able to travel. If you travel through trackless moutainous regions, during the wet season after a week of rain then your journey will take longer than if you journey along a highway across the plains in the dry season. If you make a mistake you can remove the terrain block by using the Remove Terrain Block button. You can save your route plan by selecting Save Route from the File menu.
Once you have the route planned you can specify the cargo carried by your caravan. You can use the Cargo Screen (see below) if you want to specify what cargo is carried or you can just enter the values directly in the Transport setting fields.
Once you have done this you can press Generate and the route is planned out for you.

A Generate Route

Right clicking on the Events Of The Journey area allows you to:

Here you can see that the journey took six days.

Cargo Screen

Cargo Screen

The cargo screen allows you to specify what cargo you are transporting and so calculate the weight carried by your party. It repopulates the Load per Vehicle field on teh main screen on exiting.


The .txt files that accompany the executable file are used in the calculation of the journey and the events that happen along the way. These can be edited to add different terrains or to change the base speeds. Each file is in a comma separated format.
This file gives details of the cargo that can be selected in the Cargo Screen. The fields are: Cargo name, Number of units in a load, Type of units, Weight in cwt, Base value in gold.
This file is used to detirmine what types of vehicle can be used and its speed. The fields are: Transport method, Moderate Load, Maximum Load, Speed up to moderate load (in miles per day), Speed up to maximum load (in miles per day). If a vehicle is loaded above it's maximum load it will generate an error.
This file is used to detirmine the quality of the road. The fields are: Dice roll minimum, Dice roll maximum, Description, Speed modifier, Mishap count.
This file specifies how the terrain affects the speed of the journey. The fields are: Description, highway modifier, road modifier, trackless modifier, encounter chance (rolled on a 1d6 during the day, 1d12 at night).
This file adds in the effects that weather will have on movement. The fields are: Dice roll, minimum, Dice roll maximum, Description, Movement modifier, Road quality modifier (see roads.txt), Wet flag (1=wet, 0=dry).


The logic and the data has been taken from The Republic of Darokin Gazetteer, for the Mystara setting and the 3e Players Handbook, both by TSR The code was written and designed using Delphi 6 by Alan Jones. Bug reports and suggestions for future versions should be sent to me.

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