Version 1.0
Initial Release Feb 2007
Download izNPC.


Do you need an NPC in a hurry? Need some background and a physical description of that innkeeper in a small village your PCs are visiting? Look no further izQuickNPC is here to help


Copy the prc and pdb files inside the zip archive onto your Palm. izNPC will be visible in the D&D Category.


Loading Screen To run izQuickNPC click on the HitMe icon. A loading screen will be briefly displayed while the program is initialised, a progress bar will indicate how much longer you will have to wait (initialisation takes a few seconds on a Zire71).
Once the data is initialised a the main screen is displayed.

Main Screen

Main Screen - Unpopulated Once the application has loaded you are presented with the main screen which is divided into three parts.
At the top there are a series of drop down lists and combo boxes as well as four round buttons.
This allows you to chose the NPC's race. The 'R' button sets the race randomly. The NPC's race has an impact on the age of the NPC.
Allows you to choose the gender of the NPC. The 'R' button sets this randomly.
Age Range:
You can chose the general age of the NPC, the actual age (and the maximum age) will be set when the character is generated. The age is dependant on the character's race and classs. The 'R' button sets this randomly.
You can chose which class the NPC belongs to. The standard classes from the PHB and DMG are included but prestige classes aren't. The 'R' button sets this randomly.
The middle section is blank until the generation process completes, but here will be displayed the physical traits or the personality quirks or the NPC's history.
The bottom section contains the buttons that select which aspect of the NPC is displayed:
Show the Physical features of the NPC
Show the NPC's personallity quirks
Show the NPC's history, what has made them what they are today
Generates the NPC
Saves the current PC as a memo
Exits izQuickNPC
Main Screen - Physical Details Main Screen - Personallity Details
Main Screen - History Details Main Screen - More History Details


The code was written and designed using PocketC by Alan Jones. Bug reports and suggestions for future versions should be sent to me. Data comes from a variety of sources including Task Force Games' "Heroes of Legend", TSR's "1e DMG", WotC "Player's Handbook" & "Dungeon Master's Guide."

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