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Version 1.0.1
Initial Release 23rd January 2006
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The iz Quick NPC Generator is designed to create the NPCs that inhabit the villages, towns and cities of your fantasy world. From the humble low level farmer to the expert portrait artist to the retired bard now running the inn that your PCs frequent, iz Quick NPC will generate them all.
It will generate the following features: All of these can be specified by you or can be left for the program to randomly generate. The program will also generate at random some background and skills for the NPC. This may give you, the busy DM some ideas for adventure hooks. Why has the elven smith got scaly skin? Why is the gnomish ship-builder so obsessed by that old helmet? How did the halfling cabinet maker get all those scars, are the rumours about his time in the army true?
Once you have a character you like you can export it to a text or html file for further editing.



iz Quick NPC comes with a standard windows installation file, you should not need to do anything apart from double clicking on the setup.exe file and accept the defaults. iz Quick NPc has been tested on Windows XP and Windows 98 machines. iz Quick NPC will install an ODBC Data Source to enable it to access the MS Access database which holds most of the information needed for the program to run. You can delete the program by using the Add/Remove Programs option in the Windows control panel.

Main Screen

Main Screen

This is the screen you will see when you first start the application. None of the fields are editable and the program is waiting for you to generate your first NPC. To do so click on the Generate menu and select Create NPC.
Once you have created a character you can save it as either a text file or a html file by selecting the appropriate option from the File menu.
To exit select the exit option from the Generate menu or click on the 'x' at the top right hand corner of the window.

Option Screen

Option Screen

This screen is where you choose the sort of NPC you wish to generate. Any fields that you leave blank or set to will be randomly set by the program. You can either specify an occupation for your NPC or a class. For example if you knew you wanted a skilled blacksmith in your town then you would select blacksmith from the list and enter a suitable level in the level box. If you knew a Lawful Evil cleric was hiding in your village then you could specify the alignment and the class (by first selecting the Primary Class option).
Pressing generate will then generate the character and return you to the main screen.

Name Screen

Name Screen

Sometime you can't think of a name for an NPC but you don't want to leave it entirely up to chance. While in the option screen you can click on the Name label and this screen will be displayed. Here you can select a name rule file and generate a list of possible names. Selecting one and exiting will populate the Name field on the option screen and this will be used as the NPCs name rather than the system generating one at random.


Much of the data is taken from the 3e Players Handbook, 3e Dungeon Masters Guide, 1e Dungeon Masters Guide and the World Builder's Guide (all published by Wizards of the Coast). Other data is taken from Task Force Games' Heros of Legend. The code was written and designed using Delphi 6 by Alan Jones. Bug reports and suggestions for future versions should be sent to me.

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