Version 1.1
Initial Release April 2006
Download izQuickRoom.


This application, which runs on Palm PDAs generates the following information:


Copy the files inside the zip archive onto your Palm. izQuickRoom will be visible in the D&D Catagory. The other files are libraries needed for izQuickRoom to run. If you already have these or newer versions on your Palm you do not need to install them.


Loading Screen To run izQuickRoom click on the izQuickRoom icon. A loading screen will be briefly displayed while the program is initialised, a progress bar will indicate how much longer you will have to wait (initialisation takes a few seconds on a Zire71).
Once the data is initialised a the main screen is displayed.


Main Screen Main Screen Main Screen

It couldn't be easier to use izQuickRoom. When you first launch the application the dungeon level is set to the value you last used (1 if this is the first time you have used it) and a room is generated. The exits from the room are displayed and a brief summary of the room is given at the top of the screen. In this case there is a single exit in a large trapezoidal room containing a monster and treasure. Clicking on the Mon button displays the monsters present, Exits the exits (direction and the type of door), Tre shows the treasure,Trap the traps if any and Feat sures any features that are present.
The + button generates a new room. The Up and Down buttons are used when there is to much information in the text box (usually when there are a lot of Features).

Clicking on the title bar brings up the menu which allows you to do the following:

New Room
Generate a new room in the same way that the + button does.
Save To Memo
Save the current room to a memo on the Palm.
Exits the application, saving the current dungeon level for next time
Shows credits and contact information
Dungeon Level
Allows you to set what level of dungeon you want to create a room for (this detirmines the encounter level and treasure etc).
Generate Trap
Adds a trap to the room
Generate Treasure
Adds treasure to the room
Generate Monster
Adds an encounter to the room
Generate Feature
Adds Features to the room


The code was written and designed using PocketC by Alan Jones. Bug reports and suggestions for future versions should be sent to me.

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