Version 1.0
Initial Release May 2007
Download izTreasureChest.



Copy the files inside the zip archive onto your Palm. izTreasureChest will be visible in the D&D Catagory. The three files are libraries needed for izInnkeeper to run. If you already have these or newer versions on your Palm you do not need to install them.


To run izTreasureChest click on the Treasure Chest icon. Once the data is initialised a the main screen is displayed.

Main Screen

Main Screen Treasure Chest is very simple to use. Drag the slider at the top to the level of treasure you require and it generates it. That's all there is to it. You will have to use the 3e DMG to determine what type of magic item you have found but it does describe what the treasure is contained in and how it is guarded and/or hidden. You can export the horde to a memo by pressing Save for use in your adventure or press Generate if the treasure is not what you were after.
Memo Output If you have generated a large treasure horde it may not all fit on the screen, pressing Show All will display the horde in a memo format.


The code was written and designed using PocketC by Alan Jones. Bug reports and suggestions for future versions should be sent to me.

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