The World Of Mystara

Mystara a world of conflicting nations; a Hollow World; a world fit for heroes. Here you will find adventure modules, maps, new monsters, new spells and details of the Bronsdale Campaign.


Bronsdale Adventures

These adventures are part of the Caravan Campaign.


Maps from the Gazetteers

A wide range of maps created using ProFantasy's CC2 can be found in the Known World Gazetteer.

Other Maps


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Recurring Roles

Non player characters, with character! These NPCs can be used as allies or enemies. They each have enough background and description for you to plug them into your campaigns. Each has at least one adventure hook to give you ideas.

Minab The Astrologer Ro'Calquistril Yakov Mikhailovich Juneau Delgado Javier Maldovich Samurai Ogrogg

Minab the Astrologer
From the northern mountains of Ylaruam, Minab is a sorcerer with a dark secret.
A brooding elf ranger protecting his land from maurauding orc bands.
Yakov Mikhailovich
A paladin of the Church of Traladara.
Juneau Delgado
A wizard exiled from Glantri.
Javier Maldovich
A Glantrian vampire.
Akai Naomasa
A sword for hire from a distant empire
Ogrogg Gristlechewer
An ogre monk, expelled from his tribe and seeking revenge.

Campaign Notes


The latest campaign that I have DM'ed started in the north of Darokin in the village of Bronsdale. Drop in and see how the players are getting on. Some of the adventure modules will be posted here after the characters have survived them.


Durgin Stonehammer
Dwarven cleric of Thor
Pippin Nimblefoot III
Halfling rogue
Elven druid and his faithful wolf, White Fang
Human barbarian
Human monk NPC

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